My medical job

Who are we?

In 2015, we had a weekend break in a holiday cottage 350 km outside of Paris, and we realised then that there’s a real lack of doctors in France.

As parents of young children, we found ourselves confronted with what we now call the French medical desert: a deserted medical centre, a closed surgery, a hospital with overcrowded A&E, and a schedule of overworked specialists who couldn’t see us at all that day, etc.

To boot, we couldn’t even see our family doctor once we got home.

Since then, we’ve spared no effort in documentary research, in an attempt to bridge the gap in this desert of general practitioners and specialists. So we started MYMEDICALJOB in a determined aim to bring new doctors onto the French market.

We realised that this phenomenon goes beyond our borders that it’s a European phenomenon.

It’s for us... patients or future patients and healthcare system users.

And for you... Local councils, County councils, Hospitals, Clinics, etc.

...that we created this site.